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移印 / 蓋印自動化設備
拉力測試機 < PFT-1001 >
  Peel Force Test Machine < PFT-1001 >

A report format of pulling force test
規格列印  Standard Print

Equipment Characters
It's applied for any kinds of tape packing to do pulling force test.
Easy PC screen operation.
All columns can be set by users.
Automatically calculate CPK.

Tension curve: data shown instantly and automatically.

Automatic date locking to avoid falsifying.

Report outputs show “PASS”, “FAIL” clearly.
Equipment Function

It's applied to test the peeling force of the packing tape to provide the data and reports immediately as the reference for packing machines and SMT machines.
Production Procedures
取出測試帶(300mm長) → 下帶置入拉力夾內 → 上帶由活動夾夾住 → 拉力計歸零 → 按下START鍵 → 按下螢幕START鍵

Take out the test tape(length 300mm)→Place the carrier tape in the pulling force clip→ Clip the sealing tape by a flexible clip → Reset the pulling force gauge to zero→Press the START button→Press the START button on the touch screen.
Equipment Specifications
•相容Windows 2000各項軟體,對談視窗容易操作,附原版軟體.

It's compatible with Windows 2000 and any other software. Operation interface is easy to operate. Genuine software will be offered.

Japan AIKOH pulling force gauge measures precisely; the AIKOH guarantee is attached.

The process of peeling can be shown immediately on the screen.

The reports of pulling force values and related parameters can be printed. the output proportion can be adjusted freely.

Analyze and calculate the test outcome; instant pulling force values; the maximum, the minimum, and the average of test data.
Picture file saving function allows immediate printing.

Allow stand-alone operation. It also can record the peak values when it's not connected with a computer.
The test length is within 150mm.

The test speed can be instantly switched between 120mm/min and 300mm/min.

Power supply:
Single phase,110V,50~60Hz
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