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移印 / 蓋印自動化設備
記憶卡類全自動研磨成型機 < 9435 >
  Grind Shaping Automatic Machine of Micro SD

適用於COB製程MICRO SD及其他記憶卡類外觀成型研磨,兩邊(倒角)及NOTCH成型。
   It's suitable for COB to MICROSD and other stick shaping grind,two side and NOTCH shaping.
規格列印 Standard Print
Equipment Character
Fully Automatic Loader/Unloader material.
Using dimond grinding wheel.
Using high-speed grinding main axis.
Every grinding wheel can adjust parameter independently.
Equipment Function
適用於COB製程MICRO SD及其他記憶卡類外觀成型研磨,兩邊(倒角)及NOTCH成型。
It's suitable for COB to MICROSD and other stick shaping grind,two side and NOTCH shaping.
Equipment sequence of processes
Tray Loading → Orientation Chk.(CCD) →Precision → Corner*2 (0.8R) → Notch + Corner (0.8R) → Cleanness → Dryer → Measure (CCD) → Unloading
Equipment Specification
•進收料區皆使用伺服定位,精度高. Using server located,high precision.
 a.大扭力伺服移動手臂. Strong torque server moves arms.
 b.獨立真空吸盤,不掉料. Independent vacuum disc,sticky.Component never drop down
 c.10”觸控螢幕操作. 10"touch screen operation.
•CCD PIN 1檢測: CCD PIN1 Inspection:
 a.防止材料擺放錯誤. Avoid the mistake of material placement.
 b.可設定全部檢查或By pass.   Enable 100% all-test or By pass.
•研磨功能: Grind Function:
 a.伺服雙研磨主軸. Server twin grinding main axes.
 b.主軸X-Y位置可調整.  X-Y main axes.are easy to be adjusted.
 c.倒R角及NOTCH成型,三顆一次成型電鑄砂輪. Three components are formed double R or NOTCH together at the same time.
 d.產品上下吸盤吸著. Products are sucked by top and bottom vacuum cups.
 e.氣壓缸驅動垂直升降. Cylinder drive up and down vertically.
 f.研磨公差: ±0.05mm. Grinding common difference: ±0.05mm.
•CCD 尺寸量測功能: CCD size measuremen function:
 1.CCD外觀尺寸量測. CCD measure product’s appearance size.
 2.可設定全部檢查或By pass.  It can set 100% all-test or By pass.
 3.量測精度±0.03mm,上下限可自行設定. The measurement accuracy is within ±0.03mm , User can set Hi and Lo limits by themsel.
廠務需求 Facility Demand Equipment Items Requirement  
Machine Model   Model 9435
Power Supply Voltage /Phase /Wire /Hz 220VAC /1∮/ 3W/ 50/60Hz
Capacity 30A
Ground, Ω Normal
Dry Air Supply Usage(NL/min) 1500L/min. (Total)
Pressure >90PSI
(Over 6 kgf/cm2)
(Machine site, Auto Run Model)
Suggest to prepare 2 sets
Size / Fitting 3/4” / PT
Temp ℃ Normal
DI Water Supply Usage(L/min) 5 L/min.
Press kg/cm2G 2~3kg/cm2
Size / Fitting 1/2"Fitting by Clamper
Air Exhaust Type Air
Static Pressure(mmAq) 35mmAqX2
Usage(m3/min) 16~18 m3/min.
Size / Fitting Outer Diameter:100mmX2/Fitting by Clamper
Water Exhaust Type Water
Static Pression(mmAq) FREE FLOW
Usage(m3/min) 5 L/min.
Size / Fitting Outer Diameter:33.5mmX2/Fitting by Clamper
Machine Dimension WXDXH 2400X1105X2050 (mm)
Machine Weight Kg 900Kg
大陸申請案號(China application code): 200520144696.1   申請內容:記憶卡及其成型砂輪(Memory stick and shaping grinding wheel.)
韓國專利證號(Korea application code): 20-0423009   申請內容:記憶卡及其成型砂輪
台灣專利証號(Taiwan application code): M297527   申請內容:記憶卡及其成型砂輪
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